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There isn't a more exciting place to work than the boardroom! Described in the Australian Financial Review as the "engine room of the economy", the ASX100 boards oversee 3 million employees and over $1.7 trillion of value. And that's not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to board opportunities that can leave a lasting impact on society

There are over 2,000 listed boards in Australia and that's not to mention private companies, government boards, Not For Profits, Advisory boards, Trustees, Board Panels, etc. It is predicted that each year at least 50% of all boards will recruit at least one new director. 

And there's never been a better time...

Where are the board opportunities?

Thanks to COVID-19, we're also seeing an increase in the number of company directors needed. This is for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly; some NEDs are suffering burnout after a long 2020 in crisis management meetings and are taking time out. 

Secondly; in the past, NEDs held multiple board roles and when these boards hit turbulence in 2020, they simply did not have the capacity to be across all of the crisis meetings. This has lead to the term 'over-boarding', meaning to have more boards than you can service. So now, NEDs are holding fewer roles, which means more board roles to go around. 

Why are new skills needed at board level?

Thanks to COVID-19, we're also seeing an increase in the variety of skillsets that are needed at board level.

In the not so distant past, the boards were filled with legal and financial professionals who looked the same, talked the same and thought the same.

While these skills will never go out of fashion, they alone are not enough to navigate the complexities of business in the 21st century.

The skills that got us to here, won't get us to there. The pandemic has resulted in us implementing skills that may otherwise have taken another ten or twenty years to arrive at. 

What skills are boards looking for?

Boards are seeking cognisant diversity (the inclusion of people who have different styles of problem-solving and can offer unique perspectives because they think differently).

The more diverse that your skillset and background are, the more value they might have at board level. 

Some current in demand and emerging board skillsets are: 

Tech Execs
Cyber Execs
People & Culture Execs
Communications Execs
Diversity & Inclusion Specialists

"Value adders climb board ladders"

Sally Parrish, Creator Board Success System™

But how exactly, do you get from HERE to THERE?

Sadly, many executives struggle with launching and scaling their board careers.

How do I find board opportunities? That is the million-dollar question, but not the right question to ask! The question you need to be asking yourself is what do you have to offer boards? From there, you can build your board value proposition, your board profile and your board resumé. 

However, too many execs start at the wrong end. They start by writing their board resumé and they try to figure out their board value proposition as they go along. Without this clarity, you'll find yourself submitting your board resumé to every board appointment advertised (along with a thousand or so other like-minded executives). Before long, you'll start to get disheartened about transitioning to board roles and you'll resort to strategies liking volunteering to boards to get more board experience.
 And NFP board experience won't set you up for commercial board experience either. 

Unless you can figure out the value you have to offer boards (and how to sell that to them), you have 'little-to-no chance' of getting yourself in front of boards for an interview and relatively zero chance of being appointed to a board. If you would like information on our end-to-end solution which will show you exactly what you need to do (and how to do it), please enter your details below to receive immediate information about the Board Success System™. 

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Board Success System™

The Board Success System™ is the only end-to end system to help you prepare for and to launch your board career. It provides you with the simple ABC steps to understand and realise your full potential.

In step 1 - you learn how to ARTICULATE the value you have to offer boards and why they need to appoint you. 
In step 2 - you learn how to BRAND your offer and BUILD your BOARD PROFILE so that you can attract board opportunities. 
In step 3 - you learn how to CONNECT the dots to land the board role of your dreams and build your board CONNECTIONS.
  • Members Only Portal: Immediate access to leading-edge training that you can complete at your own pace. Are you an A-Type personality who likes to whizz through things? No problem. Or are you reflective and analytical and like to take your time to absorb new information? No problem. You can do this your way. 
  • All the Templates and Resources you'll ever need: Easy to implement step-by-step format for building your Board Resumé and other essential checklists you'll need for getting appointed to a board.
  • Insider Insights: We've interviewed board directors and asked them how they got their board break, what challenges they faced and what advice they have for you and the recordings from these interviews and ready for you to watch in the Members Area as soon as you join.
  • Access to the Board Stars Community: Meet like-minded executives; the next generation of Company Directors! Plenty of opportunities to interact online and to network in our group coaching sessions.

What outcomes will you get with the Board Success System™?

Nail your Board Value Proposition ('BVP')

Which of your executive skills and expertise will be of value at board level? The board ladder is not an extension of your corporate ladder and you need to think with a Director's mindset to be able to make the transition. This training will show you how to articulate your BVP in a way that makes boards want and need your services. 

Write Your Board Resumé

Use your Board Value Proposition (BVP) and a proven Resumé Template to create a board resumé that opens doors to board interviews and positions you as a favourable candidate. Follow the simple 5-step process for creating a powerful opening Board Profile Statement that packs a punch and makes the board want to know more about you. 

Create Your Board Career Blueprint

Board success is so much more than just landing your first board role. When you develop your Board Career Blueprint, you get to plan your entire board career and create a strategy for each stage of your work cycle from here to retirement. Board work enables you to earn more, work less and do more meaningful work and you get to choose what that looks like to you. 

Find Roles using our 7 Board Search Strategies

If your board search is limited to trawling online vacancies, crossing your fingers and submitting your board resumé you have a ten percent chance of success. Learn how to tailor your search to the type of board work you want to do and tap into other strategies that will be more much effective for you. 

Develop your Board Due Diligence Checklist

Your customised Due Diligence Checklist is the difference between getting a board role and getting the perfect board role for you. Learn how to evaluate board opportunities and eliminate the roles that are not right for you. The wrong role can set you back years, eat into time you cannot spare and cost you thousands of dollars in missed opportunities. 

Establish your Board Profile

Elevate your professional branding and rise from successful executive to high potential board director. Follow the strategies for developing your director network and putting yourself in the frame as a Trusted Advisor. When executives do this well, it results in being recommended and shoulder tapped for board opportunities. 

Insights from Insiders

If you want to be successful; find someone who is doing it and model them. In these video interviews we asked successful Non Executive Directors, how did you get your board break, what are the challenges of being on boards and what advice do you have for anyone who is starting out? Listen in as they share their journey and give you hints and tips for starting out. 

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